How to Get the Best Glass Fence Installation in San Diego

deck over looking pool with glass fence wall

How to Get the Best Glass Fence Installation in San Diego

Glass fences are elegant, modern, and aesthetically pleasing compared to many other drab and ordinary alternatives, but installing them is a delicate process that requires the best craftsmanship and attention to detail. Additionally, because it’s such a significant investment, it requires ample research into the companies that could work with you.

If you’re looking for the highest quality glass fence artisans, we’re confident that Advanced Glass Walls fits all your criteria and then some. Here’s what our unique team of industry professionals can bring to the table – and your home.

Why We’re the Glass Fence Company for You

Advanced Glass Walls is a company that focuses on creating glass architecture. While some other companies may tout themselves as “jacks-of-all-trades,” we hone our techniques and specialize in installing excellent quality deck railings, glass walls, and pool fences for our San Diego customers. Our specialization in the field makes us the go-to pick for homeowners who need genuine experts, not just fencing contractors who’ve worked with glass only once or twice.

Advanced Glass Walls is known for building stunningly gorgeous glass fences, but we’re also customer service experts. We understand that our responsibility is to create more than just a beautiful fence for our clients: We need to listen and be open. We always respect your time by being on time, working fast, and keeping our workspace clean, and we guarantee you’ll be happy with the finished result when we’re done.

Our team also acknowledges how important it is for homeowners to express their individuality and creative side with their landscaping, so we facilitate that with customizable installations at no extra cost to you. The Advanced Glass Walls experts will work with you to determine the color, height, and length you’d like and do whatever it takes to ensure you get what you want.

Over the past twelve years, we’ve solidified our company as San Diego’s most reliable glass walls company. We’re proud of the profoundly positive feedback we receive from the community about our services, but it’s not just our customers who take notice: Our team has also received an A+, five-starting rating from the Better Business Bureau. We have all the requirements to install your fence safely, and all of our licensing, bonding, and insurance are always up-to-date, so we’re ready to go when you are.

Getting the Most Out of Your Installation Experience

For many homeowners, commissioning a glass wall installation may be the first time they’ll take on a project of the sort, so it’s wise to know what they should look for to have the best possible experience and outcome.

Design is one of the more critical aspects. Any company worth working with will have your design in mind as they do so, but it’s equally crucial that they consider how the fence will operate. Planning balcony gates and pool enclosures or incorporating different glass styles should be something they discuss with you to ensure your design is as practical as it is beautiful.

You need more than just the company you work with to be licensed, bonded, and insured as well. They must also have a strong understanding of building codes, such as the Uniform Building Code, which details required balcony railings and glass wall characteristics that only some contractors are aware of.

You also want a trustworthy company that respects your time and input. Asking for information or getting clarification on a process should be easy for homeowners to do when they get their installation. We know it’s not standard with many fencing companies, so we make it a point to be a part of our customer service model.

Get a Professionally Installed Glass Fence in San Diego Today

After this crash course, it’s plain to see that getting the best glass fence installation is all about hiring professionals like those of the Advanced Glass Walls team, who can produce consistently outstanding results while caring about the outcome. Once you’re ready to take the next step, contact our team for a free and accurate quote for your upcoming glass walls project!