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Advanced Glass Pool Fence, Glass Safety Gates and Glass Pool Enclosures
with Exterior Glass Doors

Nobody can put a price on family (including pet) safety around pools. For pool owners it is something that cannot be overlooked or dismissed. Now, there is a very effective way to keep kids and pets where you want them and look great doing it too!

Glass pool gates can be made in almost any size you desire, from hip to head high, and tightly joined post glass walls or glass rails, or even seamless glass. The gates are all you would expect from a sturdy mounted gate that swings an exterior glass door safely open and firmly shut. Look for kiddie latches that lock as needed and safe self-closing hinges.

Advanced Glass Walls’ Glass Pool Gates and Glass Pool Safety Enclosures:

  • Glass pool gates come in a wide variety of sizes
  • Safety glass pool enclosures use self-closing hinges and kid-proof top-lock latches
  • Glass pool gates offer a lockable latch
  • Glass pool gates provide better safety than “jail bar” wrought iron or similar


San Diego Safety Pool Glass Gates & Fencing

Summertime in San Diego is pool time, but with the luxury of a pool comes the responsibility of safety. Pool safety is of paramount importance to avoid drownings.
Children are not the only ones who drown in backyard pools — pets drown, as do adults through accidents. Pool fencing and safety gates are the best way to avoid swimming pool drownings, and Advanced Glass Walls is the company to call for top-quality safety glass pool gates and fencing.

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Safety Fencing for Pools

Safety fencing for pools in San Diego is a requirement when there are over 18 inches of water, but a pool fence is not just about meeting legal requirements.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are approximately 3,960 fatal unintentional drownings in the USA each year, and while these aren’t exclusive to swimming pools, pool drownings do make up a proportion of the statistics.

Every drowning is a tragedy, and when they involve children it’s especially tragic. High-quality pool fences and gates that are installed by professionals work to reduce drownings, especially when they are constructed of safety glass incorporating self-closing hinges and top-lock latches.

The Benefits of Glass Pool Fences

Not only are glass pool fences superior in providing pool safety but they make a beautiful statement. Metal pool fencing with rungs can be climbed over or squeezed through, but glass pool fences are very difficult to scale. Safety glass pool gates and fences are the best way to fence your pool. They offer the following benefits:

Long-Term Investment

A high-quality glass pool fence installation is a one-off investment that adds beauty and safety to your property. They don’t go out of style and they come in a range of styles and sizes to suit your pool and yard.

Easy to Maintain

Glass pool fences are easy to clean using a hose and brush with a pool fence glass cleaner. Keep them clean and they will look beautiful for years.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Glass pool fencing posts and flanges come in a large range of colors to match your yard design features.

Adaptable for Any Size Pool or Landscaping Design

Glass pool fences can be installed to suit any size of pool or wet area and any shape of landscape design.

Clear View of Your Pool

When you have a glass pool enclosure, you can see every part of your pool area. Not only is there nowhere to hide but you can enjoy an uninterrupted view of your pool.

Great Wind Break

San Diego has its windy days. One of the added bonuses of a glass fence is that it is more efficient at blocking the wind than other pool fences. The glass warms the pool area by refracting its filtered sunlight.

Strong and Resilient

Safety fencing for pools is not made of normal window glass that is easy to break or smash. Safety glass is resilient and made to withstand contact. Our pool enclosures are made of thick safety glass with child-proof latches and self-closing hinges.

They can be made in any height you require, and you have the option of seamless glass, tightly jointed glass walls, or glass rail construction to deter climbing. These constructions leave no room for a small child or pet to climb through the fencing.

Advanced Glass Walls glass pool gates offer a lockable latch to enhance safety and ensure that you have total control over who can enter the pool enclosure. Our mounted gates are sturdy with a swinging exterior glass door that closes firmly for added protection.

At Advanced Glass Walls, we take pool safety very seriously. Our beautiful glass gates and pool fences in San Diego keep your pool secured and your family safe.

Pool Fences in San Diego from Advanced Glass Walls

Glass pool gates and fencing are the ideal solution for combining pool safety with stylish elegance. For such an affordable item, you’re getting a product that will provide you with superior pool safety that is extremely durable, low-maintenance, and beautiful.

Advanced Glass Walls provides glass pool safety enclosures that will last for many years and give you the peace of mind you need as a pool owner. There is no better way to provide pool safety in San Diego than with a glass pool enclosure from Advanced Glass Walls. Call us today for an expert glass pool enclosure installation.

Other enclosure systems like wrought iron have gaps that are easily squeezed through by small dogs and cats, sometimes even kids. Avoid the risk of a pool accident that causes so many injuries each year. Look into what a solid glass safety gate system can do for you.

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