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framed glass wall fence
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Advanced Glass Pool Fence, Glass Safety Gates and Glass Pool Enclosures
with Exterior Glass Doors

Nobody can put a price on family (including pet) safety around pools. For pool owners it is something that cannot be overlooked or dismissed. Now, there is a very effective way to keep kids and pets where you want them and look great doing it too!

Glass pool gates can be made in almost any size you desire, from hip to head high, and tightly joined post glass walls or glass rails, or even seamless glass. The gates are all you would expect from a sturdy mounted gate that swings an exterior glass door safely open and firmly shut. Look for kiddie latches that lock as needed and safe self-closing hinges.

Advanced Glass Walls’ Glass Pool Gates and Glass Pool Safety Enclosures:

  • Glass pool gates come in a wide variety of sizes
  • Safety glass pool enclosures use self-closing hinges and kid-proof top-lock latches
  • Glass pool gates offer a lockable latch
  • Glass pool gates provide better safety than “jail bar” wrought iron or similar

Other enclosure systems like wrought iron have gaps that are easily squeezed through by small dogs and cats, sometimes even kids. Avoid the risk of a pool accident that causes so many injuries each year. Look into what a solid glass safety gate system can do for you.

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