framed glass wall fence
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Framed glass fence wall for San Diego backyard
framed glass wall fence


Glass Fence San Diego Advanced Glass Wall Systems for Southern California

All Advanced glass wall systems and railings are silicon tempered glass, never Plexi-glass as is sometimes asked. This means they are heat-treated in such a way that they are very strong, and in the rare case that they were ever to break, for safety the glass would crumble into little pieces, not large shards, avoiding injury.

Outdoor post glass walls provide security without equal. No other fencing or wall application can optimize a view while still keeping children and pets safe. Rodents and even coyotes are left with no way to climb or penetrate the glass wall perimeter of your home.

Advanced Glass Walls’ Post Glass Wall Systems:


  • Post glass walls are available in 1/4-inch or 3/8-inch thicknesses
  • Post glass walls can be chosen with or without a washout at the base
  • Post glass walls can be chosen with or without a top rail
  • Post glass walls can be chosen on a masonry wall or pool deck
  • Post glass walls are a good fire-resistant blockade

Post glass walls are manufactured to be virtually maintenance-free. Our posts are constructed from aluminum and have a baked-on powder coating. A variety of colors, textures and gloss options mean you will never have to paint or refinish the structure. A glass wall will look beautiful for years to come while enduring wind, weather, and sunlight, maintaining the value of your investment. Please note: Tinted glass walls or Frosted (acid-etched) glass walls are available at some additional cost.


Outdoor Glass Fence in San Diego

Whether you want to enclose your space in an unobtrusive manner or you’ve got a world-class view that you don’t want to hinder or impede in any way, a glass fence in San Diego is just what you’re looking for.

No other type of wall or fencing application can optimize the view and still keep people and pets safe. With a glass fence from Advanced Glass Walls, you’ll enjoy world-class service, superior materials and craftsmanship, and an industry-leading commitment to your satisfaction and safety.

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