How Glass Pool Enclosures Maximize Your Pool Safety

framed glass wall fence around pool

How Glass Pool Enclosures Maximize Your Pool Safety

Everyone talks about how beautiful glass pool enclosures are and how they allow you to have the best parts of owning a pool, and though they are definitely right to love these aspects, there’s one other benefit that many pool owners overlook: Having a glass pool enclosure immediately makes your pool safer.

That makes the reason why glass is better for pool enclosures over other materials is somewhat unclear as well. With that being said, here’s how building one of these around your swimming area can significantly bump up your pool safety game.

Increased Security

Regarding pool safety, proper security is a key element. Keeping your pool secure is all about ensuring intruders stay out while everyone in it stays safe. Intruders aren’t just unwanted people, either; bugs and other critters can make their way into your pool area and create a myriad of problems. In any case, an enclosure makes it challenging for anyone you don’t want around your pool to find their way in.

Many pool enclosures also have lockable gates that require a designated person to open whenever someone wants to take a dip. Having that kind of entrance set up prevents anyone from jumping into the pool whenever they want. Not to mention, some adult supervision can also help keep everyone a lot safer.

Better Visuals

Glass pool enclosures also help you keep a watchful eye on everything going on in and around your pool.

Knowing where children are when they’re around the water is essential to keeping them safe, and without the transparency that glass offers, you may not realize when a dangerous situation is unfolding. You also want a good line of sight for pets when water is involved, as, much like children, pets can fall in and be utterly helpless if no one is there to save them.

Clear glass means you’ll never have to wonder if your loved ones stay safe, regardless of their species.

Protection From Weather

Glass pool enclosures keep more than just you and your family safe; they’ll also keep your pool itself safe. Heavy winds and intense storms are terrible for a pool’s sustainability, but installing an enclosure protects it from all sorts of weather damage. Durability is key here, so you should only have professionals install your pool enclosure. In doing so, you’ll be guaranteeing that they are secure; otherwise, they can become a liability in storms rather than something that protects you.

A damaged pool is also unsafe to swim in, so ensuring a chain of storms doesn’t break parts of your pool by installing an enclosure means it’ll still be safe to swim in when the weather finally improves. It also won’t be as easy for storms to bring in foreign debris that could harm you when you swim and force you to clean your pool more often than you’d like.

Cleaner Means Safer

Weather damage is annoying enough to deal with, but it’s not the only way random nonsense gets into your pool. Twigs or leaves always make their way into pools regardless of high winds, and though it’s not necessarily directly tied to safety in the way you think, organic matter in your pool could harbor unsavory bacteria, which can find its way onto your skin and into your body.

Bacteria multiplying in your pool is a recipe for health issues and plenty of extra cleanings, so it’s crucial that you find ways to keep things like sticks out of your pool. Of course, an enclosure can help make that simple.

Swim Safely With Pool Enclosures From Advanced Glass Walls

No homeowner should understate the importance of pool safety, but they shouldn’t go to great lengths to ensure they feel like their pool space is secure, either. That’s where the glass pool enclosures from Advanced Glass Walls come in. We make things easier and safer for you. Contact us today to learn more about installing a glass pool enclosure at your San Diego home!