4 SAFETY Benefits of Outdoor Glass Walls

deck over looking pool with glass fence wall

4 SAFETY Benefits of Outdoor Glass Walls

When it comes to safety, you want to make sure your home and property are secure. Find out the safety and protection benefits of outdoor glass walls and how they increase your living experience!

Installing glass walls on the property surrounding your home or business can add to the curb appeal of your real estate. But there are more advantages to installing glass walls on your property than only improved curb appeal.

If you’ve been considering installing a glass wall fence, take a look at these four key benefits of adding this striking feature to your property:

1. Outdoor Glass Walls Offer Greater Visibility

A problem with traditional fences is that they block your view of any activity happening around your home. They also take away wonderful views that surround your home. In addition to keeping you from seeing spectacular views of mountains, forests, and lakes, these fences also prevent you from seeing when someone is approaching your property.

One of the protection benefits of an exterior outdoor glass wall is that it will give you a better degree of visibility. You’ll enjoy more expansive views, and you’ll be able to spot any potential visitors on your property. This can give you the extra time to welcome an unexpected guest or to prepare for an unwanted trespasser.

2. Smooth Glass Walls Provide Better Barriers

Safety benefits of outdoor glass walls

When you install a wooden, chain link, or concrete fence, you will have a barrier around your property. However, an agile trespasser may still be able to climb any of those types of fences to gain access to your property. There are gaps and rough surfaces with these types of fences that allow for easier climbing.

Outdoor glass walls are different from traditional fences since their surfaces are smoother. They’re also effective at eliminating gaps or negative spaces.

Glass walls create a barrier that’s much more difficult to breach. Unless an individual has equipment specifically designed for climbing glass, they won’t be able to gain access to your property.

This is one of the most important protection benefits of glass walls since it can keep your property more secure. In addition to keeping human intruders away, your exterior glass walls will also prevent wildlife from roaming onto your property.

You’ll keep animals safe from harming themselves and also protect your household against unexpected animal attacks.

3. Better Nighttime Lighting Will Keep Your Property Safer

If you enjoy entertaining guests in the evening or you simply like to sit outside after the sun goes down, you might find that your property can get a little too dark. This raises the risk of someone tripping and falling while walking from a patio or deck to your house.

Installing exterior lighting is one way to make your outdoor property safer, but relying too much on electrical lighting can cause a spike in your energy usage. You can keep those costs lower when you install a glass wall around your property.

The glass will allow ambient lighting from street lamps and neighboring properties to add more lighting to your yard. Additionally, your own exterior lighting will reflect off of the glass, amplifying the amount of light in your yard.

Greater access to surrounding lighting and reflective illumination will help you save on energy costs without sacrificing any safety benefits.

4. Outdoor Glass Walls Create a Safer Fence for Children and Pets

If you have children or pets, you’ll appreciate the safety benefits that outdoor glass walls provide. These walls create a barrier that can prevent children or pets from wandering off. You can let your kids play outside freely without having to worry about them squeezing through a wood slat or iron fence.

Similarly, your pets won’t be able to dig a hole under the fence to escape. Most glass wall barriers are tall enough to prevent dogs and some cats from jumping over them as well.

While children and pets won’t be able to wander off of the property, they can still enjoy the view. They can see everything that’s going on in the neighborhood, and that will prevent them from feeling isolated or alone.

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