Frameless Glass Walls Seamless, Postless Outdoor Glass Fences

Seamless glass walls are those made without the commonly-seen support posts. They are dependent on the massive tensile strength of the thick tempered glass held in place by the very strong “shoe” base. Advanced Glass Walls has seamless glass walls available throughout San Diego, Orange County, and Riverside County.

Sometimes called a seamless glass fence, these deliver unobstructed coastal views, mountain, and canyon views. Seamless glass has a small separation between panes and this allows the glass to be installed on a curve. Interestingly, the small separation does not allow much noise or wind in, and allows it to act as a good noise and fire barrier.

Advanced Glass Walls’ Seamless Glass Wall Systems:

  • Frameless glass walls also know as Seamless, Postless or Rimless Glass Walls
  • Tempered strong seamless glass walls are available in 1/2-inch thickness
  • Frameless glass walls are tightly secured in a heavy aluminum base shoe
  • Frameless glass walls cause absolutely no post obstruction of your view
  • Frameless glass walls are great for strong wind and fire barriers
  • Frameless glass walls are modern, the latest quality upscale fashion trend

Frameless glass walls are secured in place with weather-resistant, vibration-free seals to guard against breakage and dampens noise. A frameless glass wall opens up your local panorama to viewing, making your yard look and feel bigger.

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