Glass Walls with Balcony Railings, Glass Staircase Rails, Glass Hand Rails

We we handle both seamless glass rails and aluminum post glass railings for balconies, decks, and stairs throughout San Diego, Orange County, and Riverside County.

Glass railing systems are available in the same assortment of colors for the post glass balcony and deck rails. Seamless glass rail systems can also come with either a top railing or without. The channel base flange or surface mount versions are offset from the edge of the balcony or deck and therefore occupy standing square footage. Another type of mount is also available that takes the rail assembly as close to the edge as is safe, and it can do this because it mounts to the face of the deck or “fascia.”

Our glass rail systems top either posted glass or seamless glass in outdoor staircase bannisters or ballustrades. Be sure to ask for details about how glass handrail systems are preferable to steel cabling for both aesthetics and safety.

Advanced Glass Walls’ Balcony and Glass Rail Systems:


  • Glass rails are available in 1/4-inch or 3/8-inch thicknesses
  • Glass rails can be chosen with or without a washout at the base
  • Glass rails can be chosen with or without a top rail
  • Glass rails can be chosen by either surface or flange mount, or fascia mount
  • Glass bannisters and ballustrades available

For family and general safety, a glass rail system is an airy and effective architectural accent to any modern home. The lasting beauty of an aluminum and glass rail comes from the fact that it will never rust like wrought iron or rot like wood. It lets the light through and exposes the view in a way wood never can.

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